Apply to the Orange campaigns and win a ticket to the international conference for startups and corporations in Paris

4 April 2017

Apply, up to April 17th, to the official Orange challenges published on the Viva Technology event website:, as well as other challenges opened by different companies depending on the domains and relevancy with their themes.

Orange published so far 6 challenges, more to be added:

  • Safe/secure digital customer journey
  • Content and services for millennials
  • Managing my digital home
  • Boosting employees engagement in the digital workspace
  • Delivering a scalable mobile service for Africa & the Middle East
  • Tech for good: deliver impact in the society with digital

The rewards linked to our challenges are the following:
Be in a Lab:

  •  1 booth in the Partner-Sponsored Lab
  •  4 tickets (Net Value: €290/unit) / 3 days at VivaTech

Reward in the Lab / A personal 3 days coaching tour during VivaTech by Orange:

  • Exclusive meeting with Orange investment
  • Introduction to Orange’s international Fabs networks and possibility to be hosted by one of the Fabs
  • Business meetings with Orange’s main business branches

Collaboration reward:

  • Startup’s exposure and visibility on every Orange’s owned media ( for instance – 1M visitors / month) as well as Orange’s social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • One the winning startups will get access to Orange customers for a market assessment as part of a business contract with Orange

One of the winning startups will join Orange with its own space at Mobile World Congress 2018.