Augmented Vision is a solution for remote expert assistance in real time. The product uses augmented reality (AR) technologies with computer vision (CV).

Power Cloud Connector is a device that enables data reading and control of electrical devices operating in photovoltaic installations.

A unique hybrid of competences of people from different environments, science and areas of new technologies has resulted in the creation of innovative sensory solutions.

Teraz Energia offers services related to energy efficiency, management of distributed generation, consumption and storage of electricity and heat.

UnifiedAPI enables efficient, fast and effective integration with banking systems in many countries

Billtech is an application that allows you to easily integrate all recurring bills in one place

The Shield.Bike system is a dedicated system created for the protection of traditional bicycles and e-bicycles.

Retailic helps to achieve above-average results by supporting the creation of added value in retail.

SmartPorter is a combination of an electronic lock with an online management system