Orange Fab is an acceleration program for start-ups. We have been cooperating continuously since 2015.

We are looking for start-ups with innovative projects and we offer both business and technical support in the implementation of the pilot projects, as well as a package of additional benefits.

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Orange is the leader of 5G technology on the Polish market. We want to develop innovative products that use the capabilities of this network. Increased speed of data transmission, delays reduced to single milliseconds or the ability to support up to a million devices per square kilometer are only some of them.
Let's take care of our customers' satisfaction
Orange offers not only telecommunications products. We create innovative solutions that affect the satisfaction of our customers.
Let's create smart systems together
The development of wireless connectivity such as 5G or LTE-M makes IoT solutions the future of many industries. We want to help our customers in business transformation and have an impact on increasing the comfort of their everyday life.
Let's take care of our customers' satisfaction
The ICT market is growing dynamically, especially in the area of ​​applications, cloud solutions using Big Data or artificial intelligence. It is also our direction of development together with our partners.
Apply with an interesting idea
New technologies develop rapidly. At Orange, as the number 1 telecommunications company in Poland, we strive to ensure that our clients have access to the best solutions. Apply for cooperation, if you have an interesting idea !

Orange as a garden of innovation

Orange Fab is a chance for you to discover that Orange is not only a telecommunications company. It is also a supplier of a wide range of services and products that serve the satisfaction of our customers. We are open to new technologies and solutions that will shape the future. Spread your creativity wings with us not only in the areas of 5G, IoT, ICT or Customer Experience, but in every technological area where your idea is an opportunity to innovate.

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How to apply

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25 September 2023
#PrzełączSięNaPrzyszłość z Orange
Zachęcamy do śledzenia cyklu rozmów “Przełącz się na przyszłość” Orange, gdzie spotykamy się z ekspertami w dziedzinie technologii, dyskutując o najnowszych trendach, wyzwaniach i możliwościach.
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