At ReliaSol, we provide high-technology solutions for industries based on artificial intelligence. We help our customers achieve long-term financial benefits by predicting unwanted events and optimizing decision-making. Our solutions have proven themselves in petrochemicals, energy, chemicals, mining, food production, logistics, manufacturing and automotive.

With proprietary algorithms based on deep learning, combined with our expertise, we support our customers in achieving superior production and financial performance. ReliaSol’s technology allows, for example, to reduce the cost of maintaining production lines, increase productivity, reduce failures and delays or reduce the carbon footprint.

Our platform’s heart is a proprietary unified analytical engine with implemented 20+ cutting-edge machine learning methods tuned for failure prediction. These methods were used to build predefined Predictive Maintenance models for most critical machines like turbines, compressors, pumps, electric motors, fans, mills, etc. For achieving the highest accuracy, the engine is boosting available client data and uses it for tuning the predefined model.